FILM is making a comeback!  Sure, I get lots of chuckles and sideways looks thrown my way when I say I’ve gone back to shooting FILM.  The most common comment I get…  “I love my computer and working on my images on the screen.”  Well, I’ll tell you a secret – almost every photographer I know wishes they could spend less time in front of a computer!

FILM gets you away from all that RAW processing.  FILM gets you away from that computer and out shooting, where you really want to be.  FILM lets your photo lab do all that processing work for you, the way it used to be.  But, I find that most photographers are afraid of FILM.  Not from a lack of confidence or skill, but simply from lack of experience and an over-reliance on that little distracting screen on the back of digital cameras.

My one-on-one FILM tutoring session will help you regain your shooting confidence by reintroducing you to FILM, the new emulsions, exposing for FILM, trusting your abilities rather than relying on an lcd screen, and the how’s and where’s of FILM processing.  I have found that I have a greater image consistency , and a more enjoyable time, shooting FILM instead of digital.

Your Session will include:
– A four hour one-on-one shooting tutorial.
– 35mm and medium format photography reviewed.
– Included!  3 – rolls of 35mm FILM and 1 – roll of 120 FILM.
– Bring your FILM camera of choice, a hand-held meter (if you have one)
and your DSLR, but only for use as a “Polaroid” type camera.
A follow-up meeting after your film returns from processing (optional)

Call or email for more info and to setup your date…

top left  –  Fuji Velvia 50, Nikon F6 35mm
top right  –  Kodak Ektar 100, Nikon F100 35mm
bottom left  –  Kodak Portra 400, Nikon F5 35mm
bottom right  –  Kodak Portra 800, Nikon F6 35mm


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