Domke Wraps

I’ll catagorize this under the “why have I never gotten these” section.  This is the very first Gear Review, so forgive me until I get a better looking backdrop for the gear.

Domke Wraps – very simple – a padded nylon cloth with a soft lining and velcro-like tips in each of the four corners.  It hit me that these may be worth looking into as I was packing a camera and a lens into one of my simple backpacks to haul around the streets of NYC for a morning, and I’m putting the camera between a folded towel.  There has to be a better way, right?  Turns out there is.


They come in 3 different sizes – 19×19 inches, 15×15 inches, and 11×11 inches.  Plus, they come in 5 different colors (black, gray, red, blue, & yellow) if you’re into color coding.  Pretty cool!  All’s you need to do is open the Wrap up to its square size, arrange your equipment, and then fold the corners over your equipment to protect it.  The blue one is a 19×19, which easily wraps a full size SLR or DSLR, even with a battery grip.  The red one is a 15×15, which, when I took it out of its package, my 20-35mm lens simply slid right into it – and that 20-35mm is a bulky lens.    So, yeah, I love these now!  I’m getting 2 more.

I bought mine at B&H Photo in New York City  



just a note:  Any of my Gear Reviews are my opinion only.  I post these for general information.  I usually only review equipment I have in my possesion, that I have worked with, and/or that works well for my purposes.  I am not soliciting equipment, nor am I receiving any perk to mention a particular product or manufacturer.  I try not to get too overly technical, since that bores most people.

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