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Lenna and Brian – William Penn Inn – Christopher Huston Timeless Photographs

Lenna and Brian were married on a stunning summer day in a thoughtfully landscaped courtyard at the William Penn Inn.  I have never seen umbrellas installed for the guest seating area.  It is not only considerate to your friends and family, but it also gave the photos some depth and detail.  After we had wrapped up our first set of photos prior to the ceremony, I wanted so badly to just sit under one of the umbrellas and put my feet up!  Maybe someone would bring me a drink with a little umbrella in it!

Lenna had contacted me from her home in Florida.  We did all of our conversations on the phone, and the contracts through the mail.  I never met her and Brian until the day of the wedding!  In fact, I believe we did their 30 day meeting on the phone while she was in an airport in between flights!  I have done this many times, though.  I’ve had a lot of couples over the years who live outside of NJ, but come back to this area for their wedding.  And I still get calls from out-of-town couples asking if I can accommodate them.  Absolutely!  Hopefully, this set of photos will show just how quickly Lenna, Brian, and I were able to click!

FILM Projects – Cape May Wedding – Christopher Huston Photography

First, a shout out to my dear friend Allison at Allison Anne Studios – she needed some second shooting help for a recent Cape May wedding and gave me a call.  Sure!  I love Cape May weddings!  I had wanted to brush up on some FILM shooting techniques, so I asked her if it was alright if I brought a few rolls of film to shoot while photographing for her.

Yup – FILM!  Beautiful film!  There is a softness and elegance to film.  There’s a subtle tone to it.  Plus, there’s the release from that nagging little screen on the back of digital cameras.  I love shooting film – I see more and more rolls in my future!

Thank you to Allison for letting me fire off a few rolls during her wedding shoot!
All images – Nikon F5  –  Kodak Portra FILM

Holly and Vincent’s Wedding Session in Spring Lake – The Mill – Christopher Huston Photography

Holly and Vincent had a chilly November day with our first snow flurries of the year.  I love cooler weather!  I haven’t been to The Mill at Spring Lake in a long time, and it didn’t disappoint.  Holly and Vincent, their friends and their family, were all just great.  A fun crowd, we fit right in as we got rolling with some beautiful photos.  Holly and Vincent were such an attentive couple, they photographed just awesome together.  Which is why I chose this group of photos – I just wanted to highlight the two of them together!

2016 – Christopher Huston Photography

Ashley and Steven’s Wedding at Peter Shields Inn in Cape May – NJ – Christopher Huston Photography

When I first talked to Ashley and Steven on the phone and they told me they were getting married in Cape May, I though “Awesome, I love Cape May!”  But once we started to talk about what kind of wedding they were going to have, I got even more excited – this was going to be just an awesome event!  Casual, laid-back, intimate, elegant – everything I love.  But…  once I arrived in Cape May on that crystal clear October Sunday, and then saw the Peter Shields Inn, well, I was just in heaven…!!

Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0352 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0002 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0374 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0371 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0047 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0025 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0027 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0092 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0295 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0077 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0098 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0135 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0158 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0154 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0168 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0180 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0184 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0187 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0250 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0219 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0287 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0246 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0254 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0275 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0289 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0044 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0307 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0320 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0437 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0414 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0436 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0349 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0361 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0380 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0456 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0367 Christopher_Huston_Photography_CapeMay_wedding_October_CHP-AS0388

My newest Sample Wedding Album from Leather Craftsmen – NJ – Christopher Huston Photography

A gorgeous new 10×10 sized 3500 series album arrived to me just in time for a recent Open House I attended.  Using my Modern Layout style, I chose a great group of photos from Becky and Matt’s June wedding to be bound in Countryside Book Cloth.  A simple white imprint on the front cover (using my favorite ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ imprint) added the finishing touch!
Thank you again Leather Craftsmen – you never disappoint!
CHPHOTO_KemnerSAMPLE_3500_001 CHPHOTO_KemnerSAMPLE_3500_003 CHPHOTO_KemnerSAMPLE_3500_002 CHPHOTO_KemnerSAMPLE_3500_005 CHPHOTO_KemnerSAMPLE_3500_004 CHPHOTO_KemnerSAMPLE_3500_006



Elizabeth and Andrew’s Beach Sunrise Wedding Session – NJ – Christopher Huston Photography


CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0961 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0850 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0863 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0876 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0887 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_CH7_1261 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0892 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0953 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0942 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0935 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0957 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0971 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0962

Now, I’ll get in trouble if I don’t mention that the wedding day itself was a beautiful day, too!  We started at The Carriage House in Galloway, on to St. Nicholas Tolentine in Atlantic City, made a quick stop on the AC Boardwalk, and headed back to The Carriage House for a fantastic party!


Guys getting ready at The Carriage House  –  Girls getting ready at The Carriage House  –  Ceremony at St. Nicholas Tolentine, north end of Atlantic City  –  Portrait locations; on the AC Boardwalk & at The Carriage House  –  Reception at The Carriage House in Galloway  –  Videography by LANCE RIVERS  –  Music by the Jason Craig Band  –  Flowers by Betina’s at Parkview

Melissa and Chris’s Wedding at The Madison – NJ – Christopher Huston Photography



CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0039 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0054 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0061 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0052CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0112 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0095 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0123 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0136 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0131 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0143 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0172 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0183 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0187  CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0235 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0239 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0250 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0257 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0263 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0306 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0336 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0339 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0318 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0324 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0358 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0572 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0578 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0462 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0466 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0473 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0489 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0481 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0550 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0590 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0557 CHPHOTO_Bick1014_MC0107

Guys getting ready at HOTEL ML  –  Girls getting ready at THE MADISON  –  Ceremony and reception at THE MADISON  –  Portrait location on the DELAWARE RIVER  –  uplighting by ANDREW at BACKROOM STUDIOS (simply the very best, most professional, as well as elegant and understated room lighting out there!)