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Just one of those Photos that I like…

Nikon F5  –  Kodak Portra 400 FILM  –  20-35mm f2.8 lens  –  250th @ f4.5


Every time I go to Manhattan, I’ll find something I’ve never seen before.  January 28th was no exception.  Now, this is a BIG building, how have I never seen this!?  I guess you simply can’t see the trees, for the forest.  Or, the less poetic excuse would be that I’ve never walked down 8th Ave. from 42nd St.  I felt compelled to take a photo of this building because, back in the heyday of photojournalism (we’re talking in the 60’s and photographers with the original Nikon F, not the wedding trend) if you could say you shot for the New York Times, you’d made it!  Plus, it’s an excellent example of perspective – that was one of my photo lessons and projects in Basic Photography back in high school!