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Jen and Bill’s Engagement Photos at Molon Lave Winery – Time and Light in VA – Christopher Huston Photography

Jen and Bill just recently reserved their date for 2016, and in talking, they mentioned their favorite Winery located just outside Warrenton, Virginia.  Needless to say, it was a gorgeous day for a ride and to spend some time photographing outdoors.  Wine, beautiful countryside, horses, fire pits, and a stunning Virginia sunset – thank you to the girls at Molon Lave for their hospitality!

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Becky and Matt’s Wedding Photos at Batsto – Time and Light in NJ – Christopher Huston Photography

I am always very happy with the photographs I take, I always give 110%.  But, the 2 things I need the most for great photos are TIME and LIGHT – 2 things I don’t always get in abundance.  So what I’m going to do from now on is label some of my best Sessions with simply “Time and Light.”


CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0007 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000027130032-2 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099190004 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099190009 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099200003 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0123 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0148 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099200001 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099190008 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0026 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0279 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099200008 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0182 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0193-2 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099210011 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0223 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099210003 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099210001 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0238 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0286 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099210005 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0246 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0446 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0309 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0352

Following our time at Batsto, we headed to Becky and Matt’s Hambone Farm for their intimate wedding ceremony.  Family and close friends celebrated under an open-air tent as games were played, stories were shared, and the fresh scent of surrounding blueberry farms wafted through the summer air.  What an awesome Wedding Session!


A huge thank you goes out to Wharton Sate Forest’s Batsto Historic Village for letting us use the grounds.  Both Becky & Matt and my studio were happy to stop by the Visitor Center on our way out to leave a generous donation.  I encourage all other couples and photographers to do the same.

I also had the time to shoot a few rolls of FILM for Becky and Matt – all of the square images in this post were photographed with my Hasselblad 501cm on Kodak Portra 400 FILM.

Looking Back! – Malinda and Joe in 2003 – PA & NJ – Christopher Huston Photography

Malinda and Joe (that’s Malinda with an “a” – I still remember to this day!)

Malinda and Joe were married in 2003, my third year in business for myself.  I can still remember their wedding day at The Ram’s Head Inn, as well as I can remember their fall engagement session AND the pre-bridal session I photographed with Malinda at Longwood Gardens.  I can recall placing the white sheet down for every photo, and then carefully tucking it under the dress, so we wouldn’t get the dress dirty before the June 13th wedding date!  We got a beautiful photo by the big gazebo on the pond that I made into a studio canvas that I still have to this day!

This is one of the things that I love about being a wedding photographer – the people that I meet over the years, and the fact that they choose me to be with them at the start of their new lives together!  I love when I deliver their beautiful custom album that will forever bring back the memories of that day.  And, I love that each couple has an impact on me personally and how I photograph as I grow over time, as well.  Amazingly, I see and hear from a lot of my couples every now and then – even couples from way back when.

Just today, out of the blue, I received a message from Malinda that she and Joe were heading back to The Ram’s Head Inn soon to celebrate their anniversary, that they had been looking through their wedding album, and that they had thought enough of me to check out some of my most recent work.  It was great to hear from you!  It’s great that you are still flipping through your wedding photos!  It’s great that you are still a happy couple celebrating that day back in June of 2003!  A toast to many more years!!

Christopher_Huston_Photo_yost_2003_Longwoodwonderfully back in 2003, all of their images were photographed with my Hasselblad and Nikon F100 on Kodak FILM

Elizabeth and Andrew’s Beach Sunrise Wedding Session – NJ – Christopher Huston Photography


CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0961 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0850 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0863 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0876 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0887 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_CH7_1261 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0892 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0953 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0942 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0935 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0957 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0971 CHPHOTO_Anesetti08092014_cA0962

Now, I’ll get in trouble if I don’t mention that the wedding day itself was a beautiful day, too!  We started at The Carriage House in Galloway, on to St. Nicholas Tolentine in Atlantic City, made a quick stop on the AC Boardwalk, and headed back to The Carriage House for a fantastic party!


Guys getting ready at The Carriage House  –  Girls getting ready at The Carriage House  –  Ceremony at St. Nicholas Tolentine, north end of Atlantic City  –  Portrait locations; on the AC Boardwalk & at The Carriage House  –  Reception at The Carriage House in Galloway  –  Videography by LANCE RIVERS  –  Music by the Jason Craig Band  –  Flowers by Betina’s at Parkview