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Leah and Chris’s Wedding at Johnson’s Corner Farm in Medford – NJ – Christopher Huston Photography

So have you ever been to Johnson’s Corner Farm in Medford during the busy spring, summer, and fall seasons?  A full Farm Market, playgrounds, blueberry picking, ice cream and fresh baked snacks, sweet Jersey corn, hayrides, apple picking, and Christmas bonfires!

What do they do in the winter months, you might ask?  Well, they completely transform the Farm Market into a warm country setting for a family wedding!  Leah and Chris were married in February, and I have to say that I was completely shocked at the AMAZING way the Market was utterly redesigned into a stunningly beautiful venue!  The attention to detail – family furniture was brought in, table skirts made from neckties, cozy lighting, a beer tap wall, food stations, games to play – it was an incredible setting for a memorable wedding!  I was so proud and excited that Leah and Chris chose me to photograph their evening!  Just a handful of my favorites are below…

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Holly and Vincent’s Wedding Session in Spring Lake – The Mill – Christopher Huston Photography

Holly and Vincent had a chilly November day with our first snow flurries of the year.  I love cooler weather!  I haven’t been to The Mill at Spring Lake in a long time, and it didn’t disappoint.  Holly and Vincent, their friends and their family, were all just great.  A fun crowd, we fit right in as we got rolling with some beautiful photos.  Holly and Vincent were such an attentive couple, they photographed just awesome together.  Which is why I chose this group of photos – I just wanted to highlight the two of them together!

2016 – Christopher Huston Photography

Just one of those Photos I like…


As I sat on the edge of a field last Thursday morning, watching the sun rise through some clouds and running a test roll through the newly acquired Nikon F3, it dawned on me.  No buttons.  No thumbwheels.  No white balance.  No metering mode.  No menus.  No lcd readouts.  No distracting little screen on the back.  No auto focus.  No brackets in the viewfinder.  No image sizes.  No file formats.  No advance mode.  Just load your roll of film, turn the aperture to your f-stop and dial in your shutter speed up top.  It was simple, it was pure.  It was photography with the freedom from all that photography stuff.

That test roll is going out to process today – when it gets back I’ll post my favorite one here.

Here it is – my favorite from the first test roll of Kodak Portra 800…

Becky and Matt’s Wedding Photos at Batsto – Time and Light in NJ – Christopher Huston Photography

I am always very happy with the photographs I take, I always give 110%.  But, the 2 things I need the most for great photos are TIME and LIGHT – 2 things I don’t always get in abundance.  So what I’m going to do from now on is label some of my best Sessions with simply “Time and Light.”


CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0007 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000027130032-2 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099190004 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099190009 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099200003 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0123 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0148 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099200001 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099190008 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0026 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0279 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099200008 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0182 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0193-2 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099210011 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0223 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099210003 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099210001 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0238 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0286 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_000099210005 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0246 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0446 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0309 CHRISTOPHER_HUSTON_PHOTO_Batsto_Kember_Wedding_CHP-BM0352

Following our time at Batsto, we headed to Becky and Matt’s Hambone Farm for their intimate wedding ceremony.  Family and close friends celebrated under an open-air tent as games were played, stories were shared, and the fresh scent of surrounding blueberry farms wafted through the summer air.  What an awesome Wedding Session!


A huge thank you goes out to Wharton Sate Forest’s Batsto Historic Village for letting us use the grounds.  Both Becky & Matt and my studio were happy to stop by the Visitor Center on our way out to leave a generous donation.  I encourage all other couples and photographers to do the same.

I also had the time to shoot a few rolls of FILM for Becky and Matt – all of the square images in this post were photographed with my Hasselblad 501cm on Kodak Portra 400 FILM.

Just one of those Photos I like…


Beauty and simplicity, two things I love about the outdoors.  I see this tree every Sunday evening as I drive home from dinner at my mother’s house.  I sometimes will slow down to admire it during my drive, but this particular evening, the light was just right.  I had to stop.

Images like this are what continue to motivate me to shoot all of my own photographs with film.  The texture and depth are just gorgeous.  I made this photograph with my Nikon F5 loaded with Kodak Portra 400.