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Jen and Bill’s Engagement Photos at Molon Lave Winery – Time and Light in VA – Christopher Huston Photography

Jen and Bill just recently reserved their date for 2016, and in talking, they mentioned their favorite Winery located just outside Warrenton, Virginia.  Needless to say, it was a gorgeous day for a ride and to spend some time photographing outdoors.  Wine, beautiful countryside, horses, fire pits, and a stunning Virginia sunset – thank you to the girls at Molon Lave for their hospitality!

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Amanda and Nick’s Wedding at Brigalias – NJ – Christopher Huston Photography

Sure, I spent many years and many weekends photographing down the shore, but my office has always been right here in Medford!



Amanda and Nick had a stunning May afternoon for their wedding!  It had been quite some time since I had been over to Brigalia’s way, and man oh man, did they have a lot to work with!  I could have photographed everything in their new chapel – it was beautiful and bright in there!  You’ll recognize Amanda and Nick as my hockey rink Save the Date couple – I think some of those photos may be a little further back on the Blog pages…

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