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Holly and Vincent’s Wedding Session in Spring Lake – The Mill – Christopher Huston Photography

Holly and Vincent had a chilly November day with our first snow flurries of the year.  I love cooler weather!  I haven’t been to The Mill at Spring Lake in a long time, and it didn’t disappoint.  Holly and Vincent, their friends and their family, were all just great.  A fun crowd, we fit right in as we got rolling with some beautiful photos.  Holly and Vincent were such an attentive couple, they photographed just awesome together.  Which is why I chose this group of photos – I just wanted to highlight the two of them together!

2016 – Christopher Huston Photography

Something NEW for 2015 – B&W!

ChristopherHuston_ARTblog_BWEpson_MTCH9_0932B&W IS ON ITS WAY BACK!!  This will sound ridiculous, but I saw a movie that prominently featured B&W film.  It got me thinking about Kodak T-Max.  The whole idea in my head a few years ago when I purchased my Nikon F4s was to shoot primarily B&W film, hand process it, and then scan frames for printing with my dedicated film scanner.  It’s difficult to set up an actual chemical darkroom these days, but B&W prints from true monochromatic film can be digitally printed just as well as digital captures.

So, while I was in NYC back in January, I did some research into Epson’s line of high-end photo printers, and I found that they had some gorgeous new Fine Art papers that closely emulated what I remembered of printing and developing Kodak’s Ektalure G fiber papers in the darkroom.  These new papers have some richly textured and toned surfaces and heavy cotton bases.  The feel of these papers is just elegant!

So thank you Epson for running a special on your printers, as an Epson R3880 Photo Printer has joined my arsenal.  My hopes are to begin shooting more T-Max 100 and 400 films, to process that film by hand to get the best results as I used to do, scan in the best of the bunch, and print some gorgeous Fine Art B&W prints on the Epson.  I’m still dialing in the Epson – it takes a little work to get color profiles pinned down – but what I’ve seen so far is impressive!


Melissa and Chris’s Wedding at The Madison – NJ – Christopher Huston Photography



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Guys getting ready at HOTEL ML  –  Girls getting ready at THE MADISON  –  Ceremony and reception at THE MADISON  –  Portrait location on the DELAWARE RIVER  –  uplighting by ANDREW at BACKROOM STUDIOS (simply the very best, most professional, as well as elegant and understated room lighting out there!)