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Elizabeth and Andrew’s Beach Sunrise Wedding Session – NJ – Christopher Huston Photography


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Now, I’ll get in trouble if I don’t mention that the wedding day itself was a beautiful day, too!  We started at The Carriage House in Galloway, on to St. Nicholas Tolentine in Atlantic City, made a quick stop on the AC Boardwalk, and headed back to The Carriage House for a fantastic party!


Guys getting ready at The Carriage House  –  Girls getting ready at The Carriage House  –  Ceremony at St. Nicholas Tolentine, north end of Atlantic City  –  Portrait locations; on the AC Boardwalk & at The Carriage House  –  Reception at The Carriage House in Galloway  –  Videography by LANCE RIVERS  –  Music by the Jason Craig Band  –  Flowers by Betina’s at Parkview

Laura and Rich’s Walkthrough at Heritage Winery – NJ – Christopher Huston Photography

Laura and Rich have their wedding coming up this summer at Heritage Vineyards, which they are pretty excited about, among other reasons, because Rich’s family IS Heritage Vineyard.  They came in and met with me, we kicked around a lot of ideas, and we talked about what their day would be like.  They decided to reserve me for their wedding photography, and asked if I’d be interested in a tour of the Vineyard to get ideas since the whole wedding will be right there.  Needless to say – awesome idea!  We could actually walk to their church through the vineyards, and I could simply spend all day using the grounds for photos.  I just can’t wait for the wedding day, and to see all of their ideas come to life!

These are just a few grab shots I got that day in October – good thing I always have a camera with me!

CHPHOTO_Heritage_0625 CHPHOTO_Heritage_0585 CHPHOTO_Heritage_0576 CHPHOTO_Heritage_0597 CHPHOTO_Heritage_0592 CHPHOTO_Heritage_0615 CHPHOTO_Heritage_0606 CHPHOTO_Heritage_0639